From past to present

Our History

The “1844 House” was originally built as a farmhand’s home, circa 1844, by Ira T. French. Later the house was sold to William Perry French, a son of Ira’s. He expanded the building to house a general store and community hall. William French sold the property in 1885.
A hundred years later, Sally T.S. Dingsoyr (a sixth-generation descendant of Ira French) and Gigi J. Schreiber bought the house in 1985 and converted it into a restaurant. It opened as “French’s 1844 House” in February of 1986 and featured French influenced Continental Cuisine until it closed in 2001.
After five years of “hibernation” the restaurant was “re-awakened” in May of 2006 by husband and wife culinary team Brian & Jenny Walker.
On November 1, 2021, the restaurant began a new era within the community. The Niles family took ownership of the 1844 House, with a vision focused on providing a high-quality farm to table dining experience.

Our commitment to you

Our Philosophy

Our vision for 1844 House is to create a classic “American Bistro” – a place where people come together to enjoy great food and warm company in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
The kind of place that always has your favorite “tried and true” dish that comforts your soul… or something fresh and exciting to tantalize your palate on our seasonal menus. Cuisine that is prepared in a simple, elegant style that allows the naturally subtle or bold flavors of each main ingredient to take center stage.
A place that showcases the best foods and flavors that our region has to offer… where each product we use has been carefully sourced and selected to ensure superior quality and wholesomeness. A place that helps connect you to your food by maintaining close relationships with the local farmers who produce much of it.
We strive to operate 1844 House in a sustainable, environmentally and socially conscious manner. We are local people operating a family business that is committed to the local economy, supporting area growers, suppliers and businesses.

Let us serve you


We welcome you to 1844 House and invite you to enjoy a unique dining experience that can only be found in a family-owned-and-operated restaurant where genuine hospitality is the core of our business. A place where you are served by local people who are genuinely happy to see you each time you visit.
Many of our guests have become faithful customers and dear friends. We feel proud and privileged to be your hosts for the evening and look forward to sharing many special occasions with you in the future
The Niles Family
1844 House
An American Bistro