• 20

    Cajun Scallops

    With pineapple salsa, blackberry and balsamic reduction, and Baker’s micro greens.

  • 20

    Cheese Board

    Fontina, buttermilk blue cheese, 4-year aged cheddar, and alpine cheeses with beer mustard, candied walnuts, fruit, and crostinis.

  • 16

    Yorkshire Popovers

    Sauteed beef tenderloin tips, sharp cheddar cheese, demi-glace, and local broccoli micro greens.

  • 12

    Pommes Frites

    Crisp julienne potatoes, white truffle oil, Pecorino Romano cheese, brandy-peppercorn dipping sauce.

  • 14

    Oven-roasted 1844 House Garlic Bulb

    With house made farmers cheese, black sesame seed hummus, oven roasted tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction.

  • 16

    Buffalo Style Shrimp

    Crispy fried jumbo shrimp, 1844 wing sauce, creamy blue cheese dressing.